How It Works

Millennium Plus+ valve operation features a breakthrough patented technology that sets a new standard for reliability and versatility with single point battery watering. Without levers, hinges, or pivot action, Millennium Plus+ valves can operate independently of refill water supply pressure to accurately control cell electrolyte levels. Through Fluidic Displacer Technology, it uses a dual, balanced valve design that allows the displacement force to act directly through the center of the valve without any mechanical leverage. The Millennium valve is very sensitive to the displacement force, allowing a very small displacer to be used. At the same time it is very insensitive to variations in the water supply pressure used, making it a true multi-pressure valve. Fluidic Displacer Technology allows the Millennium Plus+ valve to maintain the low profile and easy tube routing features found in Flow-Rite’s previous Powerstream and Snap-Fill systems.

Millennium Valve Functions