Quick Couplers

Get Connected with Flow-Rite

The Flow-Rite Quick Couplers are designed to be robust enough to withstand the battery watering environment. Corrosive battery acid, fluctuating temperatures, and rough routine handling are all factors that can ruin a coupler in the field and had to be considered in the design process. Other features were added so it could be successfully used in chemical, medical, and life science applications.

A high-grade polypropylene was selected for the construction of the body and valve . This material is acid, temperature and impact resistant. Furthermore, the polypropylene is UV-stabilized to prevent deterioration for applications in direct sunlight. The couplers also utilize Viton O-Rings and 302 stainless steel springs.

The design allows for the highest flow rate of comparable couplers, with both valved and straight through versions offered. The product line includes multiple barbed and threaded terminations for tubing sizes from ¼” to ½” ID. The pressure range is vacuum-100PSI (7 bar), with a temperature range of freezing to 160 °F (71 °C). Both far exceed the needs of most applications

Connecting a male and female coupler does not take training or effort, unlike other fluid connectors. Simply use the ergonomic push-button for a quick disconnect. Neither action will put strain on someone using these several times a day.

Keyed connection options were designed for systems requiring error-proofing, as well as any sensitive application where lines can be crossed. The push-buttons and valves are color coded so it can be easily identified as a keyed or non-keyed coupler.