Qwik-Lok Plumbing



What is Qwik-Lok?

Qwik-Lok is a quick disconnect plumbing system and method that can provide increased productivity, higher quality and value while simultaneously reducing costs. The heart of the Qwik-Lok system is the innovative Qwik-Lok socket that fits industry standard hose in popular 3/4" and 1-1/8" sizes. Qwik-Lok’s numerous benefits make it much more than just a quick disconnect plumbing system.

  • Superior O-ring seal
  • Sockets can be installed at bench or on deck and then snapped into place
  • Eliminates crimping in hard to reach areas
  • Reduces warranty claims and labor costs
  • Builder, Dealer, and User friendly
  • Proven performance and reliability
  • Allows hose to swivel and relieve stress from pump outlets and other fittings
  • Eliminates Silicone and other sealants at hose connections

Engineered to be “Simply Better”

Qwik-Lok fittings are installed in place of standard barbed fittings. Zero learning curve required. Qwik-Lok sockets are installed to the hose ends whether it’s pre-assembled in our factory or done at the boat or on the work bench. No more crimping or tightening a hose clamp at arms length in hard to reach areas. Only learning curve here is to get used to how easy life can be.

With the locking ring back out of the locked position and into the neutral position, simply push that end of the hose onto the fitting until the socket snaps into place, then push the locking ring into the latch and locked position.

To remove, just grasp the same locking ring and pull. The latches will automatically disengage and the hose will be free. The only tools you need are one thumb and forefinger.