Advancements Made to Millennium Plus+


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Advancements Made to Millennium Plus+ 
Byron Center, MI - May 15, 2012

Flow-Rite is proud to announce advancements to the Millennium Plus+ single point battery watering system.  The latest features include a debris resistant shroud, lower shut off level, improved versatility, and a new ergonomic installation tool.

Large pass through holes on the sides and bottom of the new shroud allow debris to freely flow through the shroud.  This minimizes the chance of large debris being caught between the shroud and displacer, while still protecting the internal components from impact.  Improved shroud and displacer designs achieve a .20 inch lower shut off level while maintaining the same overall valve length. This provides more room for electrolyte expansion inside the cell.

The non-mechanical optical level indicator allows the operator to verify that each cell has been properly filled after watering.  Millennium Plus+ features the only built-in indicator on the market that is independent from the valve function – giving a true reading even if the valve is damaged.  The indicator simply signals the presence of liquid, with black for “full” and white for “water needed”.

Flip tops are now color coded to match valves for quick valve length identification.  These user-friendly access ports eliminate drilling cell covers and removing the watering system to check specific gravity levels.

A 35P (DIN) adapter for the standard bayonet style valve is now available. The latest valve for GNB® works on all GNB® batteries including Flooded Classic®, Liberator®, and Titan®.  These improvements in versatility can save hundreds of dollars in inventory costs.  In addition, valves are faster and easier to install with the new ergonomic spanner tool.  Like all Flow-Rite products, Millennium Plus+ is made in the USA.

GNB®, Flooded Classic®, Liberator®, and Titan® are registered trademarks of Exide Technologies.

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