Battery Steward + Reports Webinar

  • Do you keep track of your forklift battery maintenance on a disorganized whiteboard or spreadsheet?
  • How do you know the proper maintenance was completed?
  • Who performed this maintenance? Was that recorded?
  • How much money are you losing because of improperly maintained batteries?

Join our Battery Steward Webinar on Thursday, April 13 at 2PM EDT. You'll learn all about what battery asset management is, what Battery Steward is, and -- most importantly -- how this product can benefit your operation!

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NEW: We will be covering the recently released Reporting Services and how they provide insight into your fleet and processes!

What is Battery Steward? Battery Steward is an app and web portal solution that organizes your forklift battery care schedule, alerts you when tasks are due, records maintenance and asset data, and allows you to proactively identify neglected, misused, or abused batteries.

For more information on Battery Steward, visit: Questions? Contact Bridget Haley at