Flow-Rite Reveals Advanced Electrolyte Level Indicator


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Flow-Rite Reveals Advanced Electrolyte Level Indicator 
Byron Center, MI - June 1, 2012

Flow-Rite’s advanced electrolyte level indicator, Eagle Eye, accurately monitors and displays the status of battery cell electrolyte levels with a solid green or blinking red light.  The new light features a trimmable probe and no longer requires calibration. 

Unlike other indicators, the light measures electrolyte levels without a direct current being drawn from the cell.  Eagle Eye instead uses Patented Capacitive Sensing Technology.  This technology is found in many electronics, such as touch screen monitors and cell phones.  It eliminates any potential corrosion between the plates and the probe.

Eagle Eye is the brightest level lite on the market.  The sealed polypropylene lens protects the LED and electronics from impact and acid migration.  The terminals are sealed to the wires to prevent corrosion.  The light is reverse polarity protected, 100% functionally tested, and has three self-resetting fuses.  A remote option for Eagle Eye is available for mounting a light on the side of the battery when the view of the monitor is obstructed.  European connectors are also available.

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