V5 - Pump Out Valve

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 The V5 valve, when placed into the recirculation hose from the pump to the aerator head, will allow the operator to select either "RECIRC" —which allows water to continue on it’s path to the aerator head for recirculation, or "PUMP-OUT" —which diverts the water taken from the livewell for recirculation and discharges it through the pump-out thru-hull fitting. Primarily used to fill tournament bags with freshly aerated water or for emptying the livewell when the boat is docked without having to trailer the boat or run on-plane with the drain open.

The V5 valve can be used with any recirculation pump or with any Flow-Rite system with a designated "RECIRC" mode as with valves V3 and V4. The Qwik-Lok version provides the maximum installation flexibility and ease with "360˚ Plus" inlet connection. A Qwik-Lok hose section can enter from any direction and swivel with the appropriate Qwik-Lok socket; 360˚ with the 90˚ socket or straight in with the straight socket. You only need to specify front or rear cable approach. The barb versions will require front or rear cable approach, plus choosing between a straight or elbow inlet fitting. If choosing an elbow, you will need to choose the direction of the elbow.