Pro-Fill Watering Systems FREE with Fairplay Cars


Ron Earl, Marketing Director – - (616) 583-1700

Pro-Fill Watering Systems FREE with Fairplay Cars

Byron Center, MI - November 8, 2010

 All 2011 Fairplay models will come with Flow-Rite’s Pro-Fill watering system.  “The number one reason for premature battery failure in flooded batteries is improper watering”, says Keith Andrews, President of Fairplay Electric Cars.  “We are excited to continue our dedication to quality by including the Pro-Fill watering system with every car we sell with wet batteries”. 

This affects every make, model and type manufactured by Fairplay Electric Cars. The Legacy Golf/Recreational, EVE LSV and HOSS Industrial/Commercial lines with Wet Batteries will include the Pro-Fill watering system and the hand pump. 

 “Fairplay is passionate about improving the customer experience,” says Andrews.  “People look at our cars as a whole.  When they are happy we saved them time and money, they are happy with the Fairplay brand and the dealers who sell them.   They may not connect the fact that Flow-Rite is a great watering system, or Trojan a great battery, what they will remember is Fairplay builds a great car that is easy to maintain”. 

“With the high replacement cost of batteries, it was only a matter of time before an OEM installed a watering system on every car”, adds Andrews. “We are proud to be the first we know of to do it.” 

To find out more about the new 2011 models, or look into being a dealer, visit the Fairplay web site at .  The Fairplay Electric Cars home office can be reached at 970-257-0346 and are located in beautiful Grand Junction, Colorado. 

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