Pro-Fill RV Installation & Operation

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Important: Prior to initial installation, inspect the existing battery water level. If they have been neglected and the level is extremely low, manually fill each cell so all plates are covered. Then, charge the batteries, before installing and using Pro-Fill to top off. Topping off a battery that has been neglected and then charging can cause the water level to expand during the charging process resulting in the loss of electrolyte. Once Pro-Fill is installed, monthly topping off after charging will prevent an extremely low water level to occur.

  • Install 01

    The Pro-Fill valves are preinstalled on manifolds that will fit batteries with a standard spacing of 2-11/16". If battery has a nonstandard spacing, replace the manifolds with the included flexible manifold. To remove the valves, carefully rotate and twist as shown.

  • Remove existing valve caps from batteries and install manifolds, turning each valve 1/4 turn to lock into place. If using the flexible manifold, first install the valves then carefully push and rotate each swivel T into a valve until it snaps into place.

  • Link manifolds/valves together with Pro-Fill tubing. Cut the desired length of tubing from the open end of the included 5’ section.

  • Attach fill line to an open barb. If you are installing on more than two batteries, try to locate the fill line towards the middle of the system. Do not connect more than six batteries together.

  • Cover any remaining barbs with red end caps and installation is complete.


Important: Batteries should only be filled after charging.

  • Insert the squeeze bulb filler assembly into a jug of distilled water. Prime bulb by squeezing until it is filled with water. Water jug must be left below the top of the batteries to prevent siphoning.

  • Remove the dust cap from the water supply line and connect it to the squeeze bulb filler assembly by snapping the quick couplers together.

  • Squeeze the bulb with firm pressure to begin pumping water into the battery cells. When the bulb becomes hard, all cells are full.

  • Immediately disconnect the squeeze bulb filler assembly from the water supply line and replace the dust cap.

  • Any water remaining in the squeeze bulb filler assembly may be pumped back into the distilled water jug.