Livewell ProTimer Plus+

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ProTimer Plus™ automatically turns your pump on and off for desired circulation and aeration. Set to the desired interval and concentrate on fishing. ProTimer Plus conserves battery life, is easy to install and easy to operate. Can be connected to an existing switch in your boat (3 position, center off recommended).

ProTimer Plus+™ has all the features of ProTimer™, plus it comes with a master control switch to control on, off or timed livewell operation.

• 1 minute on with adjustable 1 to 12 minutes off.
• Includes 3 position rocker switch for off, timed or constant run (ProTimer Plus+™ only).
• For use with any livewell recirculation pump or Flow-Rite valve system with "RECIRC" mode.
• Automatic operation increases fishing time.
• Ideal for tournament fishing.
• Adjustable time delay feature to meet specific ambient conditions.
• Helps to increase battery life.
• Color coding promotes ease of proper operation.
• Helps keep fish healthy and stress free.
• Self-adhesive backing for easy installation; eliminates mounting screws.
• Weather resistant poly coated circuit board.
• Instructions included.